India’s Team SouL Have Lost The PUBG Tournament In Berlin.

Team SouL was able to get just one’ Chicken Dinner’ in all 3 days of the contest, where all of the teams locked horns in 16 games. Team SouL saw itself finishing the contest at 12th place with 181 points on the board.

Although Team SouL could not figure out how to ensure the trophy, it is safe to say that they have earned a great deal of respect by symbolizing the nation on a worldwide stage. This, incidentally, was not the final PUBG Mobile esports contest they will be attending this season. We are convinced there is a great deal more forthcoming before the end of the season. Meanwhile, here is what Team SouL’s lovers stating on Twitter:-

As you can see, the top few places on the board are procured by’upper eSports’,’X Quest F’, and elite Gambling’ respectively. These, incidentally, are Chinese clubs, so it is safe to state that the Chinese players ruled that the worldwide finals.

Team SouL did figure out how to receive 33 kills incomplete, but that was not sufficient to win the matches. So clearly, it is a sad affair for India’s Team SouL and each of their lovers in the nation. We have not had an opportunity to listen to from them yet, but there is no denying that their lovers are still pouring in all of the support they want at this time.

India’s Team SouL has had quite a trip to Berlin where it obtained an opportunity to represent the nation on a worldwide stage. But regrettably, they could not secure a victory in the PMCO 2019 Global finals.

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