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Top Android Games to kill your Boredom

More than being a telephonic device, Android smart phones are used for entertainment purpose, since the discovery of Android mobile phones mankind have almost got rid of the term called as “Boredom”. Today we are about to list some of the amazing android games that are best stress busters and also keeps you entertained in your free time.

Top 5 Android games you must try

  1. Geometry Dash: Geometry Dash is my personal favorite for which I have listed it in the Top. This is a never-ending game in which the main character which you have to choose when the game starts to keep moving through the water, and all you need to do is escape from the obstacles on the way to achieve the high score. The graphics of this game is designed in a fun way which looks eye candy for the players.
  2. PubG: Are you a virtual warrior who loves giving a tough fight to your friends with the gun? PubG is a battle Royale game developed just for you. You can get the fun of playing Call of duty on a Play station with PubG on an Android phone. The guns available and different add-ons are spots on to get the interest of any gamer.
  3. Subway Surfer: Subway Surfer is a game inspired from the idea of the famous “temple run” the hero of game is a Graffiti artist who is being followed on a railway track by a police, You need to keep running without hitting any of the trains or getting caught by the Police.
  4. Dunk It: Dunk It is a small Flash like game for basketball lovers, If you are a Basketball fan who loves to keep throwing the ball into the ring, Dunk it is a game designed for you. the game is about how many continuous Dunks you can do without putting the ball on ground.
  5. Asphalt 8: we had saved the best for the last, Anyone who loves driving cars and racing through the traffic will love this amazing car racing game, its controls are amazing and gives you the feel of driving an original car on track.

After reading this article, i am sure that you will never ever get bored in your life. If you know of any game that can keep our visitors entertained comment them below. and keep visiting TheBlueCornerLondon for more tech tricks.

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What Are the best Streaming Apps for Android?

Movie streaming is one of the most exciting features about android phones, there are numerous apps nowadays which lets you stream unlimited movies and shows online for free. There are so many options that it sometimes becomes hard for an android user to choose between these apps. today we are about to tell you about the Top 5 Android Streaming Apps that you must give a try.

Top Streaming Apps for Android

Following the top streaming apps that lets you stream for free, the app is arranged according to the preference of users while using these apps.

  1. Showbox: Showbox is the father of all streaming apps, it started the trend and it still stands strong where Noone is able to stop them from keep working. Their developers have great knowledge and have made the app comparable to popular Netflix, but with more content. If you love to watch random movies that are not even big enough that some label would buy them, then Showbox is the app for you.
  2. Cartoon HD: How can we miss this amazing app in the list of best streaming apps, cartoon hd app is one of the most downloaded cartoon streaming application, on this app you would find all kinds of Animated movies and series, if you are an anime fan like me, you surely would download this app right away.
  3. Redbox TV: If you are more interested in streaming live TV Channels, and are following any of the shows that are only released on television, then you must get Redbox TV. This app live streams TV channels from 20+ countries and all the major countries of the world are included in it.
  4. Tea TV: Tea Tv is an innovative app that combined the idea of both Showbox and Redbox TV. You can watch the latest movies and Premium Web series plus you can also stream Live TV channels for free on Tea TV. It’s not been a long time since Tea TV is launched but it surely has created a good impression among the Streaming apps lovers.
  5. Morpheus TV: Morpheus Tv is another new kid in the market, it lets users to watch latest movies, the difference in this app from other apps listed here is the time of updating, Morpheus TV Aims to be the first to upload any movie or show in their app before their competitors, so if you love watching latest movies and shows, this is probably the best option.

Hope you are happy to learn about 5 new apps to stream latest movies without much problem. For more information comment your questions below.

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